The Nigeria hub began her field work at Itagunmodi, an agrarian community in Southwest Nigeria. On arriving at the village, the town crier notified members of the community via the indigenous "gong".

This made them to assemble at the community hall for a meeting. At the hall, the Research Lead explained the purpose and the objectives of the project after which the community members asked questions. They were satisfied with the responses to their questions. They then asked the second in command to the king, Chief Risa of Itagunmodi to review the Consent forms before giving their endorsement. They all gave their consents.

In an in-dept interview, an aged man is expressing his belief about covid-19.

According to him, there’s no novel illness. He mentioned that covid-19 is similar to other illnesses such as smallpox, lassa fever, malaria, etc and as such, some of their remedies can be used to cure covid-19. He mentioned some of the indigenous remedies that he knows.

A short clip of the community engagement with some of the women at Itagunmodi community about their lived experiences during the lockdown.

They expressed themselves openly and freely in their local dialect on how they were affected. Majority of the women during the group discussion agreed that children and youths were worst hit educationally and socially. The other vulnerable group that was also affected as identified by the discussants, were small scale business owners who were harassed and victimised during the same period while they were trying to provide for their families through their minor trading.